Antitrust Policy

Because of the serious consequences that can result if parties engage in conduct that is a violation of the antitrust laws, The Connecticut Apartment Association (CTAA) adopted the following Antitrust Policy Statement and requests your certification of compliance.

Antitrust Policy Statement:

  • There shall be no discussion or activities for the purpose of arriving at any understanding or agreement regarding price, the terms or conditions of sale, distribution, volume of production, territories or customers.
  • There shall be no discussion or activity for the purpose of preventing any person or persons from gaining access to any market or customer for goods or services, nor any agreement or understanding to refrain from purchasing or using any material, equipment, services or supplies.
  • There shall be no discussion or activity that may be construed as forestalling or limiting research and development.
  • We, of course, expect your consideration and full compliance with these guidelines, both while in attendance at this meeting and at all times in your business.

As required by the Statement, I hereby certify that I have reviewed and understand the statement, am not aware of any violations of the Statement, and will comply with the Statement and refrain from any conduct that would place The Connecticut Apartment Association at risk of violating any antitrust law.