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Share Your Story: How have the eviction moratoriums impacted you?

Leading up to the virtual Advocate Conference, NAA is asking you to share your story and let us know how you’ve been personally impacted by eviction moratoriums. As we approach Advocate, we will ask you to tell Congress directly how you’ve been affected by the eviction moratorium. The rental housing industry and your business depend on working with Congress to pass the necessary measures to support owners, operators, and residents.


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Dear Affiliates,

NAA Research has conducted a new study which analyzes the impacts rental property owners and operators may face due to eviction moratoria. Eviction moratoria have forced rental owners and operators to bear the brunt of renters’ financial burdens without assistance. They also interrupt revenue needed to pay employee salaries, mortgages, property taxes, maintenance, and utilities. 

We have created a database which calculates rental income loss estimates for 44 states and 51 metro areas. This database also includes property value loss and property tax revenue loss estimates for the largest 25 markets (by unit count). It will allow users to customize rental income loss estimates by entering their own assumptions for percentage of residents not paying rent and the length of an eviction moratorium.

If you have any questions about our methodology or need additional information, please contact Paula Munger, Leah Cuffy or Rahimat Emozozo